Annual report 2019

Wavre, 22 July 2020.

I am delighted to announce the publication of the annual report 2019 of WELBIO, the inter-university life sciences research institute funded by the Walloon Region. The objective of WELBIO is to nurture scientific excellence and maximize technology transfer in order to support economic development and attract venture capital in Wallonia.

WELBIO supports a portfolio of 28 basic research projects. Our investigators conduct innovative research in various domains such as cancer biology, immunology, cardiology, metabolism, microbiology, genetics and neurological diseases.  Their scientific discoveries could lead to the development of new drugs, treatments or diagnostic tools (e.g. cancer, metabolic or inflammatory diseases, neurodegenerative disorders or antimicrobial resistance) as well as to biotechnological applications.

Over the last year again, the numerous scientific publications demonstrate the very high scientific level of the WELBIO investigators. Concerning technology transfer, the spin-off firm launched in 2018 pursues its development while additional spin-off projects are in preparation. More applied research projects are progressing in collaboration with Walloon, Belgian or international companies. In 2019, for the first time, patients have been treated based on WELBIO findings.

The annual report is available in English  and French . I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Pierre Van Renterghem, General Manager of WELBIO.

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