Green energy

Sustainable energy systems

  Agile production

Agile and safe production methods

  • BONAVENTURE Olivier, UCLouvain - Sleepable and Energy-Efficient Internet Protocols
  • CAUDRON Corentin, ULB - Towards 4D Monitoring of Geothermal Operations in 4D using passive-based seismic approaches
  • FRANCI Alessio, ULiège - Embodied Excitability: a principle for designing neuromorphic adaptive agents
  • PARENTE Alessandro, ULB - Lifelong-learning digital twins for sustainable combustion technologies
  • TROIAN-GAUTIER Ludovic, UCLouvain - Fe(II/III) photosensitizers for Dye-Sensitized Photoelectrochemical cells (DSPECs) application
  • DETREMBLEUR Christophe, ULiège - Cascade exotHErms to impulse the self-foaMing of ISocyanaTefRee polYurethane formulations at room temperature
  • EVANO Gwilherm, ULB - Catalytic Deoxygenative Functionalization Reactions for the Synthesis of Alkanes, Alkenes and Arenes
  • GEERTS Yves, ULB - A Fresh Look on the Polymorphism of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • MONBALIU Jean-Christophe, ULiège - Intelligent flow systems for advanced chemical manufacturing
  • RIGNANESE Gian-Marco, UCLouvain - Towards a materials informatics active-learning platform to design new electrocatalysts

Circular materials

  New materials

New materials 

  • RAQUEZ Jean-Marie, UMons - Continuous Solid-State Modification of Plastic Wastes via Upcycling Approach
  • SIMAR Aude, UCLouvain - Recycling healable aluminum waste by CIrcular Solid State Additive Manufacturing
  • PARDOEN Thomas, UCLouvain - Novel nanolaminate coatings and ultra-miniaturized test instrumentation for extreme nuclear environment conditions
  • PONCÉ Samuel, UCLouvain - Computationally driven improvements in lead-free halide perovskite photovoltaics

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