Call WELBIO 2023

Upcoming opening of the 2023 call for « WELBIO Investigator Programme »


The FRFS and the WEL Research Institute announce the opening on September 12th of the “WELBIO Investigator Programme” call, funded by the Walloon region, for strategic research of excellence in life sciences, with a view to translate discoveries into industrial applications in all fields of medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary biotechnology.  

This programme is open to researchers from the universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation who are either established (Advanced grants, max. €350,000/year) or at the beginning of their career (Starting grants, max. €200,000/year). 

Context of the call

The WELBIO (Walloon Excellence in Life Sciences and Biotechnology) funding instrument corresponds to a strategic axis of the FRFS and a department of the WEL Research Institute.  Through this instrument, Wallonia grants significant resources over several years to the WELBIO Investigators within the WEL Research Institute to develop ambitious research programs that will lead to major scientific breakthroughs.  These programmes represent a pillar of the Investigators’ laboratories and are flexible so the research scope can be adapted over time as needed. The Investigators within the WEL Research Institute must demonstrate a combination of scientific excellence, an awareness of unmet medical and technological needs in their field, and a willingness to seek application opportunities for their discoveries. 


  • Opening of the call on e-space: 12 September 2023
  • Deadline for PI’s electronic validation: 19 October 2023
  • Evaluation process : November 2023 – March 2024 
  • Communication of the funding decision: End of April 2024
  • Start of the programmes: 1st of June 2024 

Rules and mini-guide 

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