Laurent Nguyen awarded an ERC Synergy Grant and the Audacious Medical Grant in neurology

The development and formation of our brain is a long process that begins during foetal life. Among the biological events involved, the migration and functional integration of new neurons, as well as the folding of the layers of cells that make up the cerebral cortex, represent key stages which, when disrupted, often lead to malformations accompanied by neurological and cognitive deficits.

Laurent Nguyen's laboratory (WEL Research Institute - Uliège) has developed long-standing expertise in the study of the mechanisms involved in neuronal migration underlying early brain development. In this context, Dr Nguyen has been awarded 10 million euros in ERC Synergy funding to lead the UNFOLD research project, an interdisciplinary project bringing together 4 European laboratories to investigate the mechanisms of mechanical folding of the cerebral cortex from all angles.

In continuation of his research on the mechanisms involved in brain development and their alterations, Dr Nguyen has also been awarded the Audacious Medical Grant 2023 in Neurology (FNRS), a funding instrument supporting original, audacious and highly preliminary biomedical research projects.

Source : Press releases from ULiège (1 and 2)

Illustration : With the permission of Laurent Nguyen and ULiège

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